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Tasteful Investments

"Items that provide a good return on capital that are completely uncorrelated with stock and bond markets and also may provide beauty or more practical usage in everyday life."

Mark P. Cussen

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About Pragma

Buying agent Services

As a Buying Agent, I consult and find the hottest deals on investment jewelry with diamonds, collectibles and fine art available on market.

 After the MUST HAVE item is chosen, I contact dealers world wide and manufacturers or I enter online auctions on behalf of my clients held by the largest auction houses in US and Europe..

Additionally, I offer my clients to deliver small items to their country of residence or accompany my clients to auctions held in US and Europe, to ensure that financial and legal issues are handled accordingly.


Wonderful agent, always offers prices below market value.

Great knowledge of the market, seems that Eva can magically find everything that one desires.

Anna Kruze

Fashion Designer, Anna Kruz

Eva understands what exactly are you looking for and  finds the best deal for the best price.

Very personal and professional attitude for her job.

Maksim Popov

Founder, KenguruPro

I would describe Eva as a very determined professional, eager to fulfill the best possible outcome.

Maris Šleziņs

Founder & Chairman, WSWCF


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How It Works


Chat With Eva

First we connect and discuss your investment goals and we determine the items you are looking for, be they luxury watches, jewelry, collectibles, art pieces, or vehicles.


Searching for your items

Once we determine what we are looking for, I search through various catalogues and auctions around world to locate your items and plan out a strategy to acquire them.


I help you with all aspects of purchasing, including bidding in auction, arranging payment and securing delivery.



mobile & WhatsApp: +37127014233

Location: Riga, Latvia

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